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Want to embark on a juice cleanse or detox? One of the best ways to elevate your mind, body and spirit is to consume "living foods".  Since our juices keep nutrients alive longer than home centrifugal juicers our juices are an easy choice. A Juice detox is a great way to jump start a diet or lifestyle change not only does it supply the body with energizing nutrients but it also rids the body of toxins.

An increase in energy during the detox is expected however if you previously had a poor diet prior to beginning the detox then fatigue may be experienced as your body is detoxified, however you should expect increased energy levels after detox is completed.  It is important that 80-100 ounces of water is consumed daily during the detox, even becoming slightly dehydrated during the detox can cause headaches and fatigue. 

We do not recommend our Juice detox as a method to lose weight but rather a way to jump start a healthy lifestyle change by helping to control cravings and by getting rid of toxic food.


The 3 Day Juice detox includes 18 juices (6 per day) and each juice will be labeled and will tell you the day and the order in which to drink them.  Juices should be consumed approximately every 2 hours.  This program has been carefully designed to keep your hunger satisfied while keeping you energized.  Drink Plenty of water EVERYDAY during the detox!

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